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Orbital Studios continues to push the boundaries of virtual production with our team of dedicated artists and engineers; true filmmakers at heart that create answers where none exist.  Our systems and tools have been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most discerning creators.

Shooting on an LED stage is an exciting part of virtual production, but it’s only one of the tools that are available to productions.  Producers, Designers, and Directors can work together in a 3d environment that acts as a design model, a storyboard tool, a live location for VR scouting, a lighting grid layout, and a site planning tool.  The added efficiency helps create a production that is incredibly focused and the tools iterate to become the final-pixel environments for the shoot.  Let us give you the power to use these tools to their maximum efficiency!

Ready for Launch

Our diverse team of professionals brought their experience in film/tv production as we worked with manufacturers to create new products specific to our needs. We tested and tweaked for more than a year to build what we believe is the most advanced system for virtual production in the world.  Our goal at Orbital Studios is to be a partner in your production that you can rely on for answers, efficient tools, and the highest fidelity final-pixel content imaginable.

Ready for Launch
Ready for Launch

Why Choose Orbital

Virtual Production tools have changed the landscape of filmmaking, and we continue to strive for better quality, higher fidelity and lower-latency tracking.  These are a few things that set Orbital Studios apart:
Why Orbital?
We worked directly with the engineers at Planar to develop an LED panel specific to our needs.  It has a tight pixel-pitch of 1.5mm, and is capable of displaying 10-bit HDR content at 120hz.  This allows the camera and the actors to be much closer to the screen while offering fidelity that is unmatched.  It also allows for high frame rates for those slow-motion shots.  These panels also use a fraction of the power of most of its competitors, making it a greener solution.

LED panels are nothing without a great video controller.  Our synchronized systems drive content to the wall in a pixel-accurate way while conforming to ACES color standards.  Frame remapping technology allows us to shoot with multiple frustums, which gives productions the capability to use multiple cameras, even when their frames may cross each other.  The speed and flexibility that this adds to production are priceless.

Our stages are conveniently located in the heart of the Arts District in Los Angeles, built to be the most powerful and production-friendly in the business. But if you can’t bring us your production, we can bring it all to you. Our mobile LED solutions have been used by everyone from commercials to major tv series, and can do anything from simple car process work to full virtual production!

Priceless Flexibility
Optitrack Camera
to Hide.
Tracking can become a nightmare if it’s not rock solid.  Working directly with Optitrack, our team at Orbital Studios set up a ‘nowhere to hide’ scenario for the tracking camera placement.  The system continuously calibrates itself, requiring less maintenance.  By using an ‘outside-in’ tracking system we can track more than just the camera…turntables, treadmills, etc.  We’ve tracked up to 300 objects at once, so we haven’t really found what the limit is yet.
Head in
the Clouds.
In some cases you want a full LED ceiling to provide reflections on metallic surfaces-so we have a volume specific to that purpose. But in most circumstances, the DP will want more control over the lighting scheme. Our main stage has an LED ceiling panel as well as a traditional lighting designed by working gaffers and DPs, with optional pixel-mapping for greater color accuracy. They spent months shooting on our first LED stage, learning and making plans for how it could be better.
SILVERDRAFT Supercomputers
High Value.

Any crypto-miner would be jealous of our custom Silverdraft computers running up to 32 synced Nvidia a6000 video cards.  

Major testing led us to all of the components in these systems that can drive extremely high production-value content at high frame rates and low latency to our LED walls.

  • Digital Assest new
  • Digital Assest new
  • Digital Assest 1
  • Digital Assest 2
  • Digital Assest 3
  • Digital Assest 4
  • Digital Assest 5
Whether you use one of our partners to create your digital assets or not, we can add virtual tools so that your team can have virtual location scouts, build hyper-accurate storyboards, animatics, etc.  Whatever helps you get the most value out of your next virtual production!
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Digital Assets Background
The best part about Orbital Studios is the team.  We’ve been working together in production and post for a decade, building a positive environment conducive to creativity.  Everyone is at the top of their game but always happy to answer questions and help make your production the best it can be.

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