AJ Wedding

A.J. Wedding

With a background in VFX and Production, AJ is fluent in both languages. Clients can count on him to translate their needs into working scenarios.
Chris Cope

Chris Cope

With more than three decades of experience in marketing and business development, Cope keeps the studio in Orbit. Beyond that, his mission is to bring these amazing virtual production tools to other galaxies… like Boston, Albuquerque and Atlanta, to name just a few.
AJ Wedding

Leonidas Jaramillo

Visual Consultant/DP

Leonidas is an Asian-American DP and steadicam operator in local 600. His background is in features and television including 8 feature films and tv series like Star Trek Picard. He’s ventured into virtual filmmaking, mastering the nuances of lighting and how to naturalize the look when working in LED volumes.

AJ Wedding

Leah Robson

Project Manager/Producer
Leah specializes in organization and leadership, streamlining the filmmaking process. Her virtual production experience makes her invaluable when it comes to the workflow and budgetary changes, as well as day to day operations.
AJ Wedding

Mark Poletti

Motion Tracking Specialist
Mark is an established stunt coordinator who thinks about tracking in a unique way. He also led the testing we did for high speed action sequences and continues to push the limits of what we are capable of.
AJ Wedding

Don Bitters

Lead Visual Designer, Virtual Production Supervisor

Don Bitters is a veteran of the Directing and VFX community, working on productions such as House of Cards, Supergirl, and The Cloverfield Paradox. He’s directed feature films and television series that have been released in over 100 territories and 14 languages. He’s not just pushing the boundaries on what Virtual Production is capable of as a technology, but how directors and writers can use VP to shape stories in ways never imagined before.

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